The 7 most entertaining and inspiring new podcasts to download next

From bold female-led series to sharp news analysis and a snapshot of what it’s like to live in Ukraine today, these are the podcasts to tune into now

There’s nothing quite like a fascinating new podcast to engage the senses and broaden your horizons. From the Duchess of Sussex’s take on the labels that hold women back to astute analysis on world events from veteran broadcasters Emily Maitlis and Jon Sopel, there’s a podcast to suit every interest and every occasion this autumn. Here we’ve rounded up the best new podcasts to have on your radar for 2022.


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In her long-awaited podcast as part of her much-discussed Spotify deal, the Duchess of Sussex explores the labels that women get branded with and examines the ways in which they hold women back, both now and throughout history. All of the guests that have taken part so far have been unsurprisingly A-list, starting off with Serena Williams’ take on ambition before moving on to Mariah Carey discussing the complexity of the word ‘diva’ and Mindy Kaling sharing her life experiences as a single, unmarried woman. As well as celebrities, Meghan also gets experts and historians to unpack the labels themselves and take a closer look at just how we got here.

The News Agents

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When two of the BBC’s best-known presenters, Emily Maitlis and Jon Sopel, announced they were stepping down from their roles at the end of last year, all eyes were on what they would do next. The answer is this much-anticipated podcast, which unites the veteran broadcasters with former Newsnight policy editor Lewis Goodall to deliver astute analysis of the daily news. They tackle all the biggest stories – from abortion in America and the latest goings on in Downing Street to the war in Ukraine – while joined by heavy-hitting guests including Peter Mandelson and Deputy Labour Leader Angela Rayner. A must-listen for anyone who likes to stay on top of the latest headlines.

What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid?

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Fear is often one of the biggest factors holding us back from fulfilling our true potential – or at least attempting to reach those seemingly unattainable dreams. But what if you could figure out how to overcome your fears? That’s the key question behind this new podcast, which is hosted by leadership coach and bestselling author Michal Oshman. In it she holds a series of intimate conversations with notable figures about topics such as how to cope with anxiety and how to find your place within the world. Judging from the debut episode, which saw her have a brilliantly frank conversation with bestselling author and presenter Candice Brathwaite about overcoming grief, jealousy and the challenges of motherhood, it’s set to be a weekly must-listen.

Jaime Winstone’s Greatest Night Ever

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If you’re in the mood for some riotous fun, tune into Jaime Winstone’s new podcast, in which the actress talks to some of her famous pals, including Rita Ora, Cara Delevingne and Nick Grimshaw, about their greatest ever nights out. But while plenty of the stories are laugh-out-loud funny, they’re also surprisingly touching and tender, discussing everything from intimate marriage proposals and iconic celebrations with friends to landmark career moments. For her part, Winstone is a warm and charismatic host, who knows just how to draw out all the juiciest details from her interviewees.

Power Lines: From Ukraine to the World

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As war continues to rage in Ukraine, it’s more important than ever to keep hearing the stories of what it’s actually like for those currently living on the frontline. This podcast does just that, with the team from the Kyiv Independent – Ukraine’s biggest independent English-language media outlet – talking to civilians on the ground and mapping out the ongoing reverberations of the war on the global stage. Most of all, it seeks to address vital questions, such as looking at what role the war plays in the contentious struggle between the world’s old and new power structures, and whether cutting the Russian energy lifeline could rewrite the global economic order.


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If you were swept away by Lionesses fever after this summer’s triumph at the Euros, you’ll love this podcast from Crystal Palace goalkeeper Chloe Morgan and journalist Rachel O’Sullivan, which delivers all the biggest stories from the Women’s Super League. Tune in as they’re joined by a host of special guests – including top players from the league itself – as they explore everything from racism in women’s football  and the latest upsets in the beautiful game to who’s most likely to win the league. Fun, upbeat and informative, it’s the perfect listen for anyone looking to learn more about women’s football now that the new season is fully underway.

Glittering a Turd

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How do you make the best of a truly terrible situation? As someone who’s lived with incurable breast cancer since she was 23, CoppaFeel! cancer charity founder Kris Hallenga knows the answer better than most, and has been working tirelessly since her diagnosis to open up a dialogue to create a movement for change. In her new podcast, which shares its title with her bestselling book, she speaks to others who are doing the same, from Giovanna Fletcher discussing the pain of miscarriage to Nadiya Hussein sharing her experiences of growing up as a woman in a male dominated culture.

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