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Joséphine de La Baume reveals her at-home essentials for the summer

From daily exercise to channelling her feelings of anxiety into her work, this is how the singer spends her downtime

The ultimate French cool girl, Joséphine de La Baume approaches most things with a laissez-faire attitude, whether that’s starring in a new film, fronting a fashion campaign or releasing a single with her rock band, Film Noir – so it’s no surprise that her response to the last few months of lockdown have been just as nonchalant. Here, she shares her favourite at-home rituals, from her beauty must-haves to her go-to cultural picks.

Josephine De La Baume Photographed By Benjamin MallekPin

My Morning Routine

I wake up and meditate first thing using the Calm app before having a coffee. Then I start writing, either music and lyrics for my band, Film Noir, or working on the film scripts I’m writing at the moment. But every day is different – I might wake up late one day and then just stare at my computer for a few hours, never opening it. But most days I try to push through.

My Go-To Foods

I’ve been following a lot of my mother’s French recipes lately – I made a white fish with lemon and thyme, vegetable lasagne and vegetable pastries the other day. I’ve also been trying to recreate the pastas from Bar Pitti, my favourite Italian restaurant in New York, as well as making a lot of smoothies with my Bullet mixer. But don’t get me wrong – there have been a fair few days where I’ve consumed nothing but Coco Pops and cigarettes, too.

My Fitness Fix

I’ve been using the Adrian James workout apps for quick bursts – they’re all focused on working out your abs with different exercises like crunches, Russian twists and bicycles. I also run and do Pilates videos with the LA-based trainer Amanda Kassar, who runs Pilates by Amanda. To be honest, I’ve never worked out as much as I am right now – I’m not sure what kind of human being I’m turning into at this point.

Josephine De La Baume Photographed By Benjamin MallekPin

My Beauty Regime

I use Barbara Sturm’s Face Cream Rich day and night; it’s really nourishing and hydrating and perfect for my dry skin. And with all this extra time I’ve been doing a lot more face masks – my favourites are Kiehl’s Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Masque and Shane Cooper’s Anti-Ageing Oxygenation Mask. I don’t always remember to take my vitamins, but if I’m feeling a bit tired, I take Source Naturals Wellness Formula multivitamins.  And I’ve still been wearing make-up during lockdown – I always put on my trademark eyeliner; L’Oreal Super Liner is so quick and easy. I don’t like a heavy foundation all over my face; Chanel Les Beiges Foundation is sheer and creamy so doesn’t mask skin and for some much needed colour and a ‘holiday glow’, I use Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow. I’m obsessed with lipliners; I use them like lipsticks, so I’m constantly buying them. My current go-to is Bobbi Brown Lip Pencil in Pale Mauve.

My Hero Skincare Products

Joséphine De La Baume Reveals Her At-Home Essentials For The SummerPin
Dr. Barbara Sturm

Rich Face Cream

Joséphine De La Baume Reveals Her At-Home Essentials For The SummerPin

Premier Cru Serum

Joséphine De La Baume Reveals Her At-Home Essentials For The SummerPin

Waso Jelly Lotion

Joséphine De La Baume Reveals Her At-Home Essentials For The SummerPin

Hydration Masque

My Go-To Make-Up Products

Joséphine De La Baume Reveals Her At-Home Essentials For The SummerPin

Les Beiges Foundation

Joséphine De La Baume Reveals Her At-Home Essentials For The SummerPin

Super Liner Pen

Joséphine De La Baume Reveals Her At-Home Essentials For The SummerPin
Charlotte Tilbury

Filmstar Bronze & Glow

Joséphine De La Baume Reveals Her At-Home Essentials For The SummerPin
Bobbi Brown

Lip Pencil in Pale Mauve

My Culture Picks


I’ve just started watching After Life with Ricky Gervais, a dark comedy about a man who spirals into depression after his wife dies. Just seeing Gervais’s face makes me happy, no matter how depressing the topic of the show might be. And I’ve watched all of the BBC’s Normal People, which I thought was great. I’m not usually very patient with shows, though – I often give up and go back to films.

Gena Rowlands In John Cassavetes' Opening NightPin
Gena Rowlands in John Cassavetes' Opening Night


The last great film I watched was Opening Night by John Cassavetes, which follows an alcoholic actress just before the opening night of her latest play. Gena Rowlands is mesmerising in it – she’s always so good at playing a broken woman and does it with so much elegance. And the movie is fantastic; Cassavetes has a very unique and extremely intimate way of showing his characters’ flaws.

The Collected Dorothy ParkerPin
Dorothy Parker

The Collected Dorothy Parker


At the moment I’m reading The Collected Dorothy Parker, which brings together the famous wit’s best writing, when I want to feel decadent, and Essais by the philosopher Albert Camus when I feel more existentialist and need answers. I’m also enjoying a book of poetry called CloudCuckooLand by Simon Armitage.

Inspirational Viewing

I watch a lot of TED Talks, which are always illuminating and eye-opening. Two of my recent favourites have included organisational psychologist Adam Grant discussing the surprising habits of original thinkers, and philosopher Jim Holt’s talk on why the universe exists.


I’ve been listening to a new playlist created by John Coxon from the Nineties rock band Spiritualized – a friend sent it to me and it’s got tracks by Nick Drake, Bob Dylan and The Velvet Underground on there. I’ve also been listening the song Get It On Time a lot, which was recorded by my friend Zumi from the Black Lips.

My go-to App

I find the Calm app really helps me stay in a positive frame of mind – I love listening to Stephen Fry’s bedtime story on there, as well as the meditation tracks. I also use the Nike Run app to track my runs, and sadly I still use Instagram.


Josephine De La Baume Photographed By Benjamin MallekPin

My Evening Wind-Down

In the evenings I usually watch a movie and maybe have a glass of wine, either white Chardonnay or Côtes de Provence Rosé. Sometimes I’ll write or stare at the ceiling, wondering what the purpose of my existence implies, and then fall asleep with a few contradicting answers.

My Latest Projects

I have an EP with my band, Film Noir, that’s just come out and I’m also working on a feature film and a comedy TV show I’ve written. I’ve also been writing new music and lyrics – we’ve set up a studio here, so that’s been nice. When lockdown first hit I bought a violin and a saxophone, but quickly decided it would make more sense to just stick to getting better at the piano.

My Failsafe Ways to Combat Anxiety

I’m quite an anxious person to start with, but I’ve had to accept that feelings of anxiety are inevitable in such weird times and learn to ride the emotional waves. Meditation helps, as does achieving one thing a day. If I really need to get out of my head, I’ll go for a walk. I’ve also been very conscious not to put pressure on myself – every day is different. And when it’s a terrible one, use it, write it, put it in a song, in a diary, in a drawing. Great writing comes from great pain, after all!

My Lockdown Lessons

I’ve realised I’m not exactly the person I thought I was. A lot of the things you thought you had figured or had dealt with were actually just because, realistically, you were distracting yourself with work or love or friends or travels. Those things rise back to the surface at times like this and now we’re having to sit with those thoughts and deal and heal and grow. Hopefully we’ll all come out of this as superhuman – or at least a little wiser.

Film Noir’s EP, Tendrement, is out now

Josephine de la Baume photographed by Benjamin Mallek for MATCHESFASHION
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