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The most advanced face masks using technology for a safer fit

Face masks are set to be a necessary accessory for everyday life for the foreseeable future and while the vaccine rollout continues, choosing a mask that offers the best protection is crucial. Medical-grade masks are the best option for those most at risk, including the FFP2, FFP3, N95 and surgical masks. But a number of brands have also created masks that have focused on incorporating advanced technology to help filter the air and offer protection in a simpler, less clinical style. Here, we’ve rounded up the most advanced face masks to buy now.

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Advanced Face Masks
Reusable Cloth Face Mask, £12
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Best known for its hardy phone cases, Casetify has entered the face mask arena with its minimalist reusable cloth masks that come with two 2.5 carbon filters (this is the size of common carbon particulates) and a slot to include your own filter, too. The additional multiple layers add extra filtration, too. Plus, with each purchase Casetify will donate a mask to frontline workers via Direct Relief, matching the number of donated masks to the number purchased.

Under Armour
UA Sports Face Mask, £26
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The athletic brand has focused on creating a mask that is suitable for sports as well as everyday use. The air-pocketed spacer fabric allows for better airflow, while the mid layer lets air through but impedes moisture and the third layer is treated with PROTX2, an antimicrobial formula that will inhibit growth of bacteria. The mask is designed to offer an optimal fit, so refer to their size guide to ensure you get the right one.

Isko Vital
Premium Face Mask £17.35
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Made from organic cotton, this reusable mask has been treated with an antimicrobial polymer to protect against ‘microorganisms,’ and has been medically certified. Available in a range of colours, the four-fold design offers a more comfortable fit and promises optimal breathability. The polymer protection lasts for up to 15 washes, and you can buy in bundles to ensure a constant supply.

Unisex Classic Face Mask, £20
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Famed for its wonderfully soft bodysuits and tights, Wolford has created comfortable cotton face masks that are treated with UV light to kill bacteria, viruses and germs. The full coverage mask has an adaptable aluminum nose-wire that ensures a snug fit at the nose and cheeks, reducing the annoying steaming up of glasses. The double-layered fabric makes breathing easy and the highly elastic, extra-thin bands helps the mask stay in place.

Model 2, £36
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The creators of the Model 2 mask promise that it is particularly effective thanks to its lycra cover of recycled ocean plastic layered over four filtration layers which filters up to 99% of bacteria both ways. Available in a range of colours, the mask also contains the brand’s BioLayer, which they claim uses an active ingredient that self-sanitises the mask and prevents bacterial proliferation for up to 200 hours. 

The AvantGuard
The Mayfair 24K Signature Collection
Aerosilver Luxe Face Mask, £52
The Most Advanced Face Masks For Safer Fit 2021Pin

AvantGuard face masks are made with Aerosilver™, an antimicrobial, 50% pure silver fibre with anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties that lasts even after multiple washings. The brand claims that studies have shown that this type of mask has 96% efficiency at filtering large droplets and 94% efficiency at filtering aerosols. Available in a range of styles, including this black version with gold chain detail, all masks also include a hypoallergenic, skin protective lining designed to minimise irritation and breakouts.

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