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The Queen’s favourite fashion brands with a Royal Warrant seal of approval

From timeless trench coats to her handbag label of choice, these are Her Majesty’s go-to British fashion labels

These are the Queen's favourite fashion brands with a Royal Warrant seal of approval

The Queen is undeniably one of Britain’s most prominent fashion icons, known for her timeless style and eye-catching, colour-coordinated looks. Her Majesty knows what she likes and stays faithful to British fashion brands, but only the best of the best are bestowed with a prestigious Royal Warrant. Whether it’s her beloved Burberry trench coat, her go-to glove maker or her trusty Launer handbag, Her Majesty has a number of classic, style staples that she cannot do without. Here, we’ve rounded up the Queen’s favourite fashion brands that have been honoured with a Royal Warrant.


The Queen'S Favourite Fashion Brands With A Royal WarrantPin

While some may think Royal Warrants are only bestowed on family-run, artisanal brands, occasionally a world-renowned fashion house can benefit from the prestigious honour too. Case in point, Burberry, which was first awarded its Royal Warrant by the Queen in 1955, with the brand credited as her ‘Weatherproofers’ of choice. Her Majesty is often spotted wearing her Burberry waterproof trench, which she owns in the traditional neutral shade. To mark the Platinum Jubilee, the heritage brand has designed a limited-edition silk scarf, inspired by ancient British woodlands and the four Nations of the United Kingdom.


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While Hunter may be best known as a Glastonbury staple worn by the likes of Kate Moss and Alexa Chung, the brand has actually been supplying Wellington boots to the Royal Family since the 70s and boasts two Royal Warrants. The Queen wears an unbranded black pair of their wellies which are thought to have been created exclusively for her, while Princess Diana famously wore green Hunter Originals for a photo with Prince Charles on a trip to Balmoral just before the couple’s 1981 wedding. The younger royals are fans too, with the Duchess of Cambridge often spotted in them and Princess Charlotte said to have her own tiny hot pink pair.


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There are few silhouettes more iconic than a Launer handbag, which has been the Queen’s bag of choice for decades, accompanying her on state visits as well as to sit on the front row of London Fashion Week in 2018. Founded in the 1940s, the brand started out with humble beginnings in a Soho workshop before being awarded with a Royal Warrant in 1968. Today, the brand is the second-best non concession handbag seller in Selfridges and has remained true to its roots and British heritage, with every single one of its fine leather goods handmade in the same factory in the UK.


The Queen'S Favourite Fashion Brands With A Royal WarrantPin

The fifth-generation family-owned brand has been making its products in the coastal town of South Shields since 1894, and has not one but three Royal Warrants, the first of which was bestowed by Prince Philip in 1974. The brand has been supplying the Royal Family with their trademark waxed jackets for decades – the Duchess of Cambridge can often be seen wearing hers on country jaunts – and there is a rumour that all family members are expected to wear one when visiting the Queen’s Scottish residence, Balmoral.

Cornelia James

The Queen'S Favourite Fashion Brands With A Royal WarrantPin

The Queen is rarely spotted out and about without a pair of smart cotton gloves, which she has long worn to protect her as she shakes hands with the great and the good. Her glove maker of choice? Cornelia James, which has been supplying gloves to the Queen since 1947, when Norman Hartnell asked Cornelia to make the gloves the then-Princess would wear for her going away outfit following her marriage to Prince Philip. The accessories firm was granted a Royal Warrant in 1979 and has supplied gloves for Princess Anne, the Duchess of Cambridge and Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, as well as Lady Gaga and Rihanna. More recently, their creations have also appeared in the hit Netflix show Bridgerton


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Garrard was appointed as the first official Crown Jeweller in 1843 and is responsible for some of the world’s most famous jewels, including the crown the Queen wore for her 1953 coronation and Princess Diana’s 12-carat sapphire engagement ring. As the UK’s only fully independent jeweller, it creates every aspect of its dazzling gems in-house, from sourcing the diamonds to cutting and setting them. For the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, the Mayfair goldsmith has created a limited-edition pin and pendant, featuring the jeweller’s iconic Sovereign motif around a 4.9-carat London Blue topaz.

Pringle of Scotland

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Scottish label Pringle has been a fashion pioneer since 1815 and has even been credited with coining the term ‘knitwear’ to describe its collections. Known for its luxurious contemporary knitted pieces, the brand first received its Royal stamp of approval from the Queen in 1956 and has continued to support the Royal Family and proudly champion British heritage ever since. It is said that Her Majesty has been sent a piece from Pringle every year since 1947, and that each time she has written them a thank you note from her desk at Buckingham Palace.


The Queen'S Favourite Fashion Brands With A Royal WarrantPin
The Queen'S Favourite Fashion Brands With A Royal WarrantPin

The storied French jeweller first set up shop in London just before Edward VII was crowned King in 1902 and was awarded a Royal Warrant two years later. The Maison has been a family favourite ever since, with King George VI buying many Cartier pieces for his wife and the Duke of Windsor purchasing a sapphire brooch for Wallace Simpson from the brand in 1949. More recently, Kate Middleton wore the Queen’s Cartier Halo tiara – which was originally owned by the Queen Mother – for her Royal Wedding in 2011 and the Queen herself is said to wear a bespoke vintage leather-strapped Cartier Tank watch when she’s dressing more casually.

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