The 10 most indulgent luxury Easter eggs to buy this year

Decadent Easter eggs to treat loved ones (or yourself) to this year

Easter Sunday is a day to indulge, so why not opt for the most luxurious option? This year, chocolatiers have created an extravagant selection of Easter eggs that make wonderful gifts, whether for yourself or for loved ones. With beautiful decorative details and delectable surprises tucked inside the sweet shells, these are the most decadent luxury Easter eggs to buy this year.

Chocolate Egg
by Claridge's, £55
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Available in milk, dark and white chocolate, this limited edition egg is hand crafted from superior chocolate and filled with salted-caramel gull’s eggs. Wrapped in black and white chevron foil, the egg is presented in a chic box in the hotel’s signature mint green.

Ruby Chocolate Egg
by Rococo Chocolates, £32.95
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Presented in a classic, elegant Rococo box, the Ruby egg is a thick, pink chocolate shell filled with gems of pink chocolate-wrapped raspberries. The ruby chocolate is a fruity mix of milk chocolate and crumbly shortbread pieces, wrapped in an electric pink foil and chic navy ribbon. 

Hand-Painted Chick Easter Egg
by Fortnum and Mason £95
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This impressive egg, crafted exclusively for Fortnum’s by master chocolatiers in Wales, sees a delicious chocolate shell hand painted with a bright, spring-appropriate design of a chick. Almost too beautiful to eat, the milk chocolate egg is lined with a layer of creamy white chocolate, and the paint used is made entirely of edible natural pigments.

Dark Sea Salt Vegan Egg
by Melt London, £24.99
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Naturally vegan, this 70 per cent dark chocolate egg is wonderfully intense, with the sprinkle of sea salt giving it a surprising savory crunch. Crafted in Melt’s Notting Hill boutique, the environmentally friendly egg comes in completely plastic-free packaging.

The Emissary Easter Egg
by William Curley, £59
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This Easter the Prosecco label has teamed up with the inventive chocolatier William Curley, who’s best known for concocting surprising flavours including Japanese black vinegar, yuzu and apricot. Inspired by Italy’s la dolce vita, the milk chocolate egg is filled with mango, passion fruit and prosecco-infused truffles, and is accompanied by a bottle of The Emissary bubbly.

Milk Chocolate Egg with Mini Eggs
by Neuhaus Ballotoeuf, £55
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Acclaimed Belgian chocolatier has created a sumptuous milk chocolate egg filled with individually wrapped mini eggs in milk, dark and white chocolate. Presented in a pastel floral box, the egg shell is decorated with gianduja swirls and held together with a mint green ribbon, with the colourful foil of the mini eggs poking through. 

Milk Chocolate Piedmont Hazelnut Egg
by Venchi, £100
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A gourmet take on the classic Easter egg with an unusual surprise inside, this milk chocolate egg from the historic Italian chocolatier and gelateria is lined with whole Piedmont hazelnuts. At 1kg, the decadent egg is a wonderful contrast of smooth chocolate with a hazelnut crunch.

Dark Chocolate Ostrich Easter Egg
by Hotel Chocolat, £80
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Based on the size of a real ostrich egg — the largest of any birds’ — this impressive creation weighs over 1kg. The shell is crafted from a rich 70 per cent dark chocolate, with one side mixed with almonds and the other mixed with hazelnuts. The egg is accompanied by a tray of 20 chocolates, including pralines, caramels and alcohol-infused truffles, meaning there truly is something for every type of chocolate-lover.

Milk Chocolate Gardener’s Egg
by Daylesford, £40
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Inspired by Daylesford’s beloved gardens, the limited edition milk chocolate Easter egg is hand-painted with an illustration by Hugo Guinness. Crafted from the finest Colombian chocolate by artisan chocolatiers in Wales, the egg is filled with packets of bee-friendly Phacelia flower seeds for spring sowing in place of the traditional truffles.

Milk Chocolate Egg from Ladurée
by Patrick Chapon, £28
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A thoroughly French collaboration, beloved patisserie Ladurée has teamed up with artisan chocolatier Patrick Chapon for a collection of Easter eggs. The assortment includes two large eggs made in either 75 per cent dark or 48 per cent milk chocolate, both encrusted with crunchy toasted almonds, as well as a gift box of beautiful mini praline eggs. All are presented in pastel boxes decorated with designs inspired by the Mayan cacao deity Ek Chuah.

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