Jewels for Ukraine: How London’s top jewellery designers are supporting the cause

From global fundraisers to one-off fine jewellery pieces, these are the designers doing their bit to support the cause

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As the war continues to rage in Ukraine, it is becoming increasingly clear that this conflict shows no signs of stopping – with the likelihood that the fighting may last for months or even years to come, it’s more vital than ever that those on the frontline are not forgotten. In the UK and around the world, top jewellery designers have come together to do what they can to support those in the war-torn country. From the Jewels for Ukraine global fundraiser organised by jewellery expert and editor Annabel Davidson to one-off pieces by the likes of Robinson Pelham and Solange Azagury-Partridge, these are the brands who are pledging their support. 

Jewels for Ukraine fundraiser

Jewels For Ukraine: How London'S Top Jewellery Designers Are Supporting The CausePin
Carla Amorim ring
Jewels For Ukraine: How London'S Top Jewellery Designers Are Supporting The CausePin
Ara Vartanian earrings

When renowned jewellery expert and editor Annabel Davidson was visiting the responsibly-run Cruzeiro tourmaline mine in Brazil, something caught her eye – a group of loose stones in the exact colours of the Ukrainian flag. A thought formed: what if these stones – a mix of indicolite tourmaline and yellow heliodor – could be used to create one-off jewels, with all the money raised going to help Ukraine? After sharing her plan with Douglas Neves, the CEO of Cruzeiro, she discovered the mine was more than happy to donate the stones, and a new fundraising initiative was born. 

Seven jewellery designers were asked to create the first batch of one-of-a-kind pieces, including four Brazilian brands – Carla Amorim, Ara Vartanian, Prasi and Kika Alvarenga – and three international labels: London-based Jessica McCormack, New York-based Ana Khouri and Los Angeles-based Maggi Simpkins. Pairs of stones were sent to each of the jewellers for their designs, with McCormack creating a bespoke pair of gypset hoop earrings and Carla Amorim contributing a beautiful moi-et-toi ring, which will be the first design to be raffled off. Each piece will be available to win through individual prize draws for a period of three weeks, with 100% of the donations received going directly to the charity Hope and Homes for Children, which works to keep children out of orphanages and in safe family homes. 

To stay up to date with the latest prize draws, visit Annabel Davidson’s Instagram page

Anabela Chan Sunflower Bloom earrings

Jewels For Ukraine: How London'S Top Jewellery Designers Are Supporting The CausePin

London-based, Hong Kong-born ethical fine jewellery designer Anabela Chan is known for her whimsically beautifully creations and counts Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Emma Watson among her famous fans. In a bid to support Ukraine, she’s created a pair of earrings in the design of the country’s national flower, the sunflower, which features her signature recycled aluminium and laboratory-grown gemstones, including two yellow sapphires. The earrings launched at the beginning of March and Chan has pledged to donate 100% of the proceeds to Care and Save the Children UK, to support families in Ukraine – over £5,000 was raised in the first week alone. 

With a strong focus on sustainability in her work, Chan is committed to using lab-grown stones and artisanal mines and has always campaigned to shine a light on sourcing. As part of these designs, she has discussed her fears over the fact that Russia accounts for about a third of the world’s diamonds. “Choosing wisely whom you work with and where your materials come from has become more apparent,” she said in a recent interview. “Thirty to 40% of the world’s diamonds are Russian. That’s a significant percentage. Do you want to work with that? Do you want to be a part of that supply chain and the atrocities that are going on?”

Robinson Pelham bracelet

The Fashion And Jewellery Designers Rallying To Show Support For UkrainePin
Wear Your Support Ukraine Arcadia Bracelet, £100

Chelsea favourite Robinson Pelham has created a range of bracelets – entitled ‘Wear Your Support’ – for those looking to show their backing for Ukraine on their sleeves. Available in four different sizes, the Arcadia bracelet is made from the brand’s signature Murano glass beads, which have been handmade in the yellow and blue of the Ukrainian flag and strung on a silver chain. 

Each bracelet costs £100 and they are available to order via the brand’s Instagram page, with 100% of the price tag going directly to the British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal. Since launching the initiative last month, the brand has already managed to raise £12,000 for the cause, and they’ve recently released a new batch of bracelets due to their overwhelming popularity.

Solange Azagury-Partridge limited-edition Hotlips rings

Jewels For Ukraine: How London'S Top Jewellery Designers Are Supporting The CausePin
Hot Lips Ring by Solange in Banana Yellow, £215
Jewels For Ukraine: How London'S Top Jewellery Designers Are Supporting The CausePin
Hot Lips Ring by Solange in Royal Blue, £215

British designer Solange Azagury-Partridge is best known for one design in particular: her instantly-recognisable Hotlips ring, which depicts a glossy lipsticked mouth in the perfect kissable pout. Since first launching in the mid-Nineties the design has gone on to become one of the most iconic pieces of modern jewellery, on display as part of the V&A’s permanent collection and worn by everyone from Rihanna and Dua Lipa to Bella Hadid and Adwoa Aboah. Now she’s created two special editions of the ring, in honour of Ukraine.

Available in either Royal Blue or Banana Yellow, the designs have been hand-painted in enamel to emulate the colours of the Ukrainian flag, with each piece made from 100% recycled sterling silver. All of the profits from the sales of the rings, which cost £215 each, will go directly to the British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

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