Chanel’s newest summer fragrance will transport you straight to the French Riviera

Evoking the sunny spirit of the Côte d’Azur

Follow in Gabrielle Chanel’s footsteps with this floral scent, inspired by timeless glamour.

Able to transport you through time and space, the best fragrances are those that capture cherished memories. For Gabrielle Chanel, these took place on the French Riviera, the glamorous Mediterranean coastline winding its way between the Alps and the glittering sea. Whether it was on the Duke of Westminster’s yacht in Monte Carlo, at the renowned Hôtel de Paris in Monaco or in the olive groves of her beautiful villa La Pausa in Roquebrune- Cap-Martin, the French Riviera proved to be a place that Gabrielle Chanel would return to time and time again.

Gabrielle Chanel, Wearing Trousers, At Her House La Pausa In The French Riviera In 1938Pin
Gabrielle Chanel at her house La Pausa in the French Riviera in 1938

Now, it’s somewhere that has inspired the Chanel brand once more with the launch of the limited-edition Paris-Riviera, “a floral and luminous fragrance that reflects the joyful, sunny spirit of the Côte d’Azur in the 1920s – a sun-filled Eden that was a magnet for artists”, according to house perfumer Olivier Polge.

The scent is the latest addition to Les Eaux de Chanel – a collection of fragrances inspired by the destinations she held most dear. “The idea was to combine Paris – the epicentre of Chanel fragrance creation – with other destinations that Gabrielle Chanel loved, and create fragrances that take you on a journey,” explains Polge.

Mademoiselle Chanel At Her House La Pausa In The French Riviera With Her Dog Gigot In 1930Pin
Pictured at La Pausa with her dog Gigot in 1930

With notes of jasmine and neroli from orange blossom found in the South of France, this Mediterranean floral fragrance is bathed in fresh citrus notes. An instant promise of sunshine, azure skies and French sophistication.

Available until June 2020, £99;

Images: © Photo Roger Schall – Collection Schall / brand’s own

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