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Alessandra Steinherr’s most loved scented candles

My ultimate edit of the best classic and new candles to suit every mood

Cold, bleak days and long dark evenings call for one thing: scented candles. They’re an essential winter luxury. I light candles morning, noon and night — they make the home smell beautiful, and their warm glow creates an inviting, cosy ambience even in the darkest of corners.

Whether spicy and musky or fresh and floral, a scented candle can lift any mood and light up any situation, comforting, cheering and calming in equal measure. Candle season is here, and I, for one, am delighted.

Ambre Japonais

Byredo CandlePin

Surprising and complex, this has notes of black pepper, coriander seeds, sandalwood and sesame, resulting in a spicy aroma. Byredo Ambre Japonais scented candle also has a blissful burn time of 60 hours.

Paris en Fleur

Diptyque Paris En Fleur CandlePin

I am a huge fan of roses and this brand-new limited edition scented candle by Diptyque is soft and floral, yet it feels more mature because of the woody undertones, giving it less of a girly feel.

Jo Malone
Lavender & Lovage

Jo Malone Lavender &Amp; Lovage Scented CandlePin

The clean notes of lavender and lovage, deepened with rosemary and thyme, evoke the joyful scent of freshly laundered, white linen drying in a summer garden in Jo Malone’s lavender and lovage scented candle.

Jonathan Ward
Fig Ultimatum

Jo Malone London Lavender &Amp; Lovage Scented CandlePin

Cassis, purple fig, ginger, musk and amber combine to lend a waxy warmth in Jonathan Ward’s Fig Ultimatum scented candle; the rich balance between ripe fruits and woody hints is really comforting.

Louis Vuitton
Feuilles d’Or

Louis Vuitton Feuilles D'Or Perfumed Candle Pin

A unique and unexpectedly crisp, creamy scent, with notes of patchouli, cedar and Peruvian balsam giving an earthy edge. Louis Vuitton’s Feuilles d’Or is also prettily presented, featuring a gold lid and chic leather handle.

Hiver en Russie

Guerlain Hiver En Russie CandlePin

A heady blend of smoky tea, frankincense and wood, evoking the sumptuousness of Holy Russia. Mysterious and deep, this scented candle by Guerlain is made for wintry nights.

Cire Trudon
Solis Rex

Alessandra Steinherr'S Most Loved Scented CandlesPin

Inspired by the parquet floor of Château de Versailles’ famous Hall of Mirrors, Cire Trudon’s Solix Rex luxury candle has a woody, ‘incensy’ base lifted by delicate pine, eucalyptus and orange – and it will flicker for up to 60 hours.

Maison Christian Dior
Jardin D’orangers

Maison Christian Dior Jardin D'Orangers Scented Candle Pin

A perfect blend of neroli and citrus means the fragrance isn’t overpowering, and yet it fills up  a room beautifully. It’s light and airy, and the freshness of this luxury candle by Maison Christian Dior is a great mood enhancer.

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