Celebrity make-up artist Nikki Wolff shares the secret to recreating her signature eyes

Get the look as the beauty insider launches her own range of lashes

Nikki Wolff’s make-up artistry has won her a loyal following, from Instagram fans to an impressive line-up of A-listers. Now, we can all get her signature statement eyes as the industry expert launches her own range of false lashes. 

Celebrity make-up artist Nikki Wolff – or @nikki_makeup as she is known to her one million (and counting) fans on Instagram – creates the looks we all want. From luminous glowy skin to brushed up brows and elegant feline eyes, a scroll through her feed will uncover an encyclopaedic rosta of looks she creates on set and accessible how-to videos with step by step guides, tips and recommendations of her go-to products, including her Nikki Wolff false lashes range.

Nikki Wolff, Also Known As Nikki MakeupPin
Nikki Wolff, also known as Nikki Makeup

Nikki is the make-up artist of choice right now with celebrities including Rosie Huntington-Whitley, Jourdan Dunn, Dua Lipa and Zendaya booking her when they need to dial up the drama on the red carpet or a glossy front cover. In fact, she is so in demand, that working seven days a week creating different looks for editorial shoots and events, juggling multiple clients in one day – one will inevitably be an A-lister – is simply the norm.

The key to Nikki’s look is always the eyes, and whether it’s a graphic flick or a smokey shadow, it always involves eyelashes. “There are certain things you can do make-up wise that can really transform and complete. I’ve always felt that one of the most important features on a face to achieve a polished and flattering make-up look, is beautifully defined lashes,” she explains. “I use false lashes on almost every look I create on shoots or red carpet looks, but have always struggled to find the perfect lashes to suit my needs.”

Models Wear Colourful Eye Make-Up Featuring Nikki Wolff X Sweed-Lashes False EyelashesPin
Sweed Lashes x Nikki Makeup

So, seeing the need for easy to apply lashes that make an impact, Nikki decided to create her own “lash wardrobe”– a collaboration with Stockholm-based eyelash brand Sweed Lashes, who specialise in handmade lashes for make-up artists. The range comprises four keystone styles that cover each of your lash needs: Corner, Cluster, Bottom and No Lash-lash. “I’ve spent a long time designing each style to ensure anyone can easily and instantly create any look,” says Nikki. “These are the only lashes you will need.”

Feline Eye Make-Up With Nikki Wolff X Sweed Lashes Faslse EyelashesPin
Sweed Lashes x Nikki Makeup

For those looking for an elegant feline look, try the Sultry Corner Lashes – 3D half lashes which used together create a cat-eye effect. Apply them to the corner of the eye after mascara for and elongated and enhanced shape.

Sweed X Nikki Makeup Sultry CornerPin
Sweed x Nikki Makeup: Sultry Corner Lashes

Looking to channel a ‘60s aesthetic? Try Underlash, says Nikki, which she created after years of experimenting to find the perfect bottom lashes. “These come in individual sections, making them easy to apply for doll-like drama.”

Sweed X Nikki Makeup The UnderlashPin
Sweed x Nikki Makeup: The Underlash

Meanwhile, Cluster Lashes are the obvious go-to for adding a little lift to your usual make-up routine. Available in single, double and triple clusters in four different lengths, they offer an easy way to elongate your eyes or create a full fluttery lash.

Sweed X Nikki Makeup ClusterPin
Sweed x Nikki Makeup: The Cluster Lash

“My favourite of all these lashes is the ‘no lash-lash’ – individual lashes that are absolutely unlike anything else on the market,” says Nikki. “They are refined, delicate and beautiful. Each pack contains four different lengths, so they can be used to create natural yet impactful lash looks. This natural look is down to design – each individual lash is handcrafted and is tapered at the end, mimicking the exact shape of natural lashes.”

Sweed X Nikki Makeup No Lash LashPin
Sweed x Nikki Makeup: The No Lash Lash

But for the full lash wardrobe, opt for all four styles and you’ll know that you have every look covered for the party season ahead.

Available now online and launching at Harrods and Cult Beauty from 3 November 2019.

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