Annie’s Ibiza: Fashion queen Annie Doble’s favourite places to go in Ibiza

From off-the-beaten-track beaches to dreamy sunset views, here’s how the fashion set do island life

Ask anyone on the island and they all know Annie’s, the legendary Ibiza boutique. Helmed by Londoner Annie Doble, it’s where the cool crowd and celebrities alike head for their vintage gowns and one-off party pieces – Kate Moss, Rita Ora, Adwoa Aboah and Paris Hilton are regulars. Now with a second store in Soho, Doble has firmly placed herself on the fashion map. Here, she shares her favourite hotspots and places to go in Ibiza, from hidden swimming spots to treasure-filled markets.

Doble first visited Ibiza in her late teens and swiftly fell head over heels for the island’s hedonistic charms. After running a vintage stall in Spitalfields Market when she was 17, it was in Ibiza that she eventually set up her own shop, Annie’s Ibiza, aged just 25. The boutique quickly garnered an illustrious following, with clients heading straight from their yachts to pick up vintage gems such as psychedelic Gucci flares to tailored Thierry Mugler jackets. As well as Annie’s one-of-a-kind pieces, this season sees a tight edit of collections from new-Gen designers including Ashish, Clio Peppiatt and Germanier.

Annie's Ibiza: Annie Doble's Favourite Places To Go in Ibiza
Annie Doble's fashion boutique in Ibiza
Annie Doble with Kate Moss

A typical summer on the island for Doble consists of a mix of heady parties and elegant dinners with Ibiza’s fashion elite to low-key bonfires on the beach with locals. Whether you’re looking for Ibiza’s buzziest restaurants and bars or would rather get away from it all in a secluded bay or off-the-beaten-track beach, Doble is the one to ask. Here she pulls together a decade’s worth of insider knowledge to reveal the ultimate way to enjoy the jewel in the Balearic crown.

This summers most exciting new opening in Ibiza

The new Six Senses hotel has just opened on the northern tip of the island – I’ve been spending a lot of time there as we’ve just opened a mini Annie’s concession in their sustainable concept store, Agora, this July. It’s the first concession we’ve ever done, so I’m really excited about it. And the hotel is incredible, with a great pool and amazing views.

Six Senses Ibiza

My favourite beach for escaping the crowds

Funnily enough, it’s the next cove along from the Six Senses hotel, Cala Xaracca in San Juan. It’s this great little secret spot, with a walkway along the side of the beach and a swing that goes straight into the crystal clear sea. I’ve been going there for the last ten years, since I was 18.

Cala Xarraca

My favourite restaurant

You’ll find me at the same restaurant every single night – La Oliva, which is right in front of my shop in the old town. The street that it’s on, Carrer de la Santa Creu, is my favourite street in the world because it’s always got such a fun vibe. All the restaurants on that street actually have their own little dish just for me, the ‘Annie dish’, because I’m a vegetarian so they make me something special. At La Oliva, it’s usually a truffle pasta.

La Oliva Ibiza

The best beach club for a long lunch

Everyone knows the infamous Blue Marlin beach club, but my favourite spot for a lazy lunch is actually Jondal, which is next door. It opened last year and has a great vibe – it’s just as beautiful inside as it is right on the beach, the food is amazing, with loads of fresh fish and vegetarian options for me, and you always bump into someone you know there.

Cala Jondal, Ibiza

My secret swimming spot

My favourite place is actually in Formentera, just by Chezz Gerdi restaurant. It’s an amazing spot because there’s a little reef there and the water is so clear, so it’s great for snorkelling. You see hundreds of little fish, tiny neon pink ones, and it’s just so beautiful.

Chezz Gerdi, Formentera

My favourite hotel

I always tell people to stay at La Torre del Canonigo, a boutique hotel in the Dalt Villa because it’s extraordinary. It’s a 500-year-old building right at the top of the castle, that’s steeped in so much history and has the most stunning panoramic views.

La Torre del Canonigo

Where you’ll find me at cocktail hour

 I go to this really cute little place, Hostal La Torre, which is an old Spanish restaurant, bar and boutique hotel. It’s set up high in the Cap Negret cliffs in San Antonio, overlooking the sea, and it’s one of the most special places to watch the sunset while drinking a lychee Martini.

Hostal La Torre

My favourite place for watching the sunset

For me, the best way to watch the sunset is after a day sailing to Formentera. A lot of my friends have sailing boats, and on the way back we’ll time it so we can watch the sun going down.

Sailing in Formentera

My Summer 2021 Ibiza playlist is

My shop playlist on Spotify has the best tracks on it – it’s an open playlist and all my customers join it. We’ve got everything from The Rolling Stones and Dire Straits to Nancy Sinatra and Dolly Parton on there.

Where to escape the hedonism for tranquillity

I free dive a lot, as that’s the only place where I can get real peace – when I’m under water and I haven’t got my phone with me. My friends and I will take a little Zodiac boat out to loads of different places and go free diving all day – I can dive down as far as 15 or 20 metres. My favourite spot is the Cueva de la Luz, the Cave of Light, in the north of the island, which is an amazing underwater cave that fills with sunlight. 

Annie's Ibiza: Annie Doble's Favourite Places To Go in Ibiza
Cueva de la Luz, Ibiza

The first place I take visitors to when they arrive

I always take people straight up to the top of the castle in the old town, where you can see the whole view of Ibiza. It’s so beautiful, especially at night. The sense of history all around you is amazing – you walk down all the cobbled streets and there are no cars. It’s like living in a poem there.

Annie's Ibiza: Annie Doble's Favourite Places To Go in Ibiza
Ibiza Town

The view that always fills me with awe

My favourite view on the island has to be the one of the magical rock of Es Vedrà off the south coast – it is said to be the third most magnetic place in the world and has long been referred to as the source of Ibiza’s inexplicable energy. I love going to the special viewpoint, which is a rocky outcrop just before you get to Cala D’Hort beach, where you can look out over it and watch the sun going down behind the island. 

Annie's Ibiza: Annie Doble's Favourite Places To Go in Ibiza
Es Vedrà in Ibiza

My go-to beauty salon

I go to a great local nail bar at the bottom of the castle, Sakti, every month to get a manicure and pedicure – I always go for an understated nude shade all summer. They sort out my eyebrows, too. 

My favourite independent shops

For antiques I’ll go to Troc in Santa Eulalia, which is a real secret spot of mine. It’s great for vintage clothes and second-hand furniture. I also love Sluiz, just outside Santa Gertrudis, where you can find the most amazing quirky bits of furniture and clothing.

Annie's Ibiza: Annie Doble's Favourite Places To Go in Ibiza
Sluiz in Ibiza

Go-to local designers

I stock a few incredible local designers in my shop, like Javier Osorio, who designs and makes the most amazing hand-beaded pieces. Everything is hand beaded on the island, and some of his pieces can take over 50 hours to make. I also love Isabel Moore’s chainmail pieces, which are also created in Ibiza.

Annie's Ibiza: Annie Doble's Favourite Places To Go in Ibiza
Rita Ora wearing the Athena dress by Javier Osorio

My favourite markets

There are a couple of markets I always go to – Sant Jordi flea market is full of incredible antique gems. I’ve bought everything from photo frames to sofas there. I also love going to the Las Dalias hippy market, which has great live music in the evenings.

Annie's Ibiza: Annie Doble's Favourite Places To Go in Ibiza
The Sant Jordi flea market in Ibiza

You can find the real Ibiza at….

The north of the island, around a bonfire with lots of friends who were born here – for me, that’s the real rock and roll of Ibiza, the soul of the island. All my friends were born here or grew up here – that’s the side of the island I like the most.

Annie's Ibiza: Annie Doble's Favourite Places To Go in Ibiza
Annie's Ibiza: Annie Doble's Favourite Places To Go in Ibiza

I never leave Ibiza without… 

A tan! I’m not really a sun worshipper and I always wear a huge sunhat, but I seem to get one anyway. I’m half English and half German, but secretly I think I’m Spanish – my surname is Spanish, after all, and I feel very at home here.

The Glossary Edit
Javier Osorio
Sofia Sunset Dress
Gucci Vintage
F/W 1999 Psychedelic Pants
Clio Peppiatt
Louis Mini Dress
Mia Vesper
Rainbow B Dress
Silvia Astore
Annie Dress in Rust
Rainbow Magic Mushroom Dress
Clio Peppiatt
Celestial Jumpsuit
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