Skydiamond at Selfridges: Discover diamonds made out of air this Christmas

Shop sustainable jewellery made from the world’s first sky-mined diamond at the Skydiamond pop-up at Selfridges

If you’re looking for a dazzling planet-conscious gift, visit the Skydiamond pop-up at Selfridges this Christmas. Mined from the sky, rather than the earth, the Skydiamond is the world’s first zero-impact diamond – and now you can shop the brand’s jewellery collection at the department store until 8 January. Here’s how to add a little sparkling sustainability to your shopping over the festive season.

Skydiamond At Selfridges: Discover Diamonds Made Out Of AirPin
Skydiamond At Selfridges: Discover Diamonds Made Out Of AirPin

The sky is literally the limit at Selfridges right now as Skydiamond, the world’s first truly sustainable diamond, has just opened a pop-up at the Oxford Street department store to run throughout the festive period. As its name suggests, this glittering gemstone is mined from the sky, not the earth; it’s the brainchild of environmentalist Dale Vince OBE, who along with his team uses atmospheric carbon and turns it into real diamonds.

Skydiamond At Selfridges: Discover Diamonds Made Out Of AirPin

The result is zero-impact, carbon-negative gemstones that are extraordinary. Brilliant, sparkling, precious, Skydiamonds are identical to earth-mined diamonds, both to the naked eye and in their chemical composition. They’re even graded in the same way using the standard 4Cs (carat weight, colour, cut and clarity). But what sets them apart is that they’re completely ethical, eliminating the need for earth-mining, which can have a negative impact on multiple levels. “Skydiamonds are modern alchemy – impossible and inspirational,” Vince explains. “This is the best example yet that the greener life we need to live is not about giving things up. It’s just about finding another way. Bling without the sting – as we like to say.”

Skydiamond At Selfridges: Discover Diamonds Made Out Of AirPin

Now you can see these extraordinary stones for yourself at the Skydiamond pop-up, which runs until 8 January in The Corner Shop on Selfridges’ ground floor. It’s the second time the innovative brand has had a pop-up at the store, but this time, customers will be able to browse the Skydiamond Timeless jewellery collection. The stunning capsule includes solitaire pendants which come in ‘classic’ and ‘modern’ iterations, solitaire stud earrings and four styles of engagement rings – all created in the Cotswolds-based Skydiamond ‘sky mining facility’, using 100% recycled golds and platinums and, of course, zero-impact diamonds.

Skydiamond At Selfridges: Discover Diamonds Made Out Of AirPin

The pop-up is part of ReSelfridges Project Earth Scheme, an initiative launched by the retail giant to explore new greener business models and encourage people to shop in more environmentally-aware ways. This includes using eco-friendly materials; making it easier than ever for customers to shop circular – Selfridges offers resale, rental, repair and refill services; partnering with planet-conscious brands; and curating eco-friendly edits across fashion, beauty and homewares. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend whatever the time of year, but a piece of Skydiamond jewellery at Christmas is surely the ultimate thoughtful gift to leave under the tree.

Selfridges, 400 Oxford Street, Westminster, London W1A 1AB;

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